Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great reminder from Bob Chisholm—
"When one makes an Old Testament story the base text for a message, the theme of the message should derive from that text, not somewhere else. Though purporting to explain what an Old Testament story means, a preacher will sometimes ignore the point of the story in its original literary setting and instead impose an entirely different theme upon it. . . . To be truly biblical we need to be faithful to the text's literary context" (Robert B. Chisholm, From Exegesis to Exposition: A Practical Guide to Using Biblical Hebrew [Grand Rapids: Baker, 1998], 222-23).


Kurt Michaelson said...

I'm glad you shared this from the book, because I have it on my bookshelf and thought it would be a great resource for me, especially after my Hebrew exegesis class that I took last semester.

How has the book helped you, regarding your study and preparation to preach from an OT passage?

Geoffrey Kirkland said...

It is very practical. I appreciate his methodology of exegesis. I think he's right on. The book practically moves from the nuts & bolts of Hebrew grammar and syntax to the exposition of a text in the OT. He does a good job in the book of showing HOW this is done (though I think he could be clearer at points, nevertheless, it is excellent!).

I do think it's a necessary work for all hebrew students to consult regularly!!

Press on, brother.

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