Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A few random thoughts as I embark upon my studies for the day...

I am reading through Leviticus in my quiet times and I'm reacquainted with the reality that God is holy and anything or anyone defiled is unholy and MUST be cleansed before entering the "community" or "God's presence again. I think we would do well to meditate on this simple truths and apply it to our lives so that we live holy and are pure and acceptable before Him.

I'm reading books on the NT use of the OT. I have never been more overwhelmed with such a vast (and confusing) subject at times. I find myself bewildered at the NT's usage of the OT. Nevertheless, I still am convinced that they must have quoted them with integrity for the original contexts (and not simply using them as 'proof-texts').

Tonight we are having a praise & worship night at Church. Anyone is welcome to attend. It's an hour of hymns, worship songs, and Scripture readings as we reorient our focus toward the Cross and our Savior.

I'm leaving in a few days for Pennsylvania and am hoping that I can get there on Sunday because the weather says it's supposed to snow there on Sunday—yikes!

God gave me such a (timely!) encouragement on Sunday. A young senior in high school gave me a note expressing her appreciation for her pastors who faithfully preach and teach God's Word every week. That is, hands down, the best encouragement anyone could ever get. Praise God.
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