Sunday, February 21, 2010

This morning I had breakfast with a fellow PhD student who is from Myanmar (if you don't know where that is, it's OK, I didn't either). He just finished all his coursework and is now studying for all his "comps" (=comprehensive reading exams) and then he'll embark upon his dissertation. This is now my second time here to BBS for courses and the second time that Kim and I have been able to talk theology and talk about his home country.

Kim wants to return home and start a seminary in his country. He told me this morning that Myanmar has 35million people and is 6% Christian (but, only 1% is Bible-believing, conservative Christian!). He wants to go back and teach pastors how to study their Bibles and how to preach. I have asked him what the greatest challenge is to the church in Myanmar and he said without hesitation: hermeneutics. He said that people just don't know how to read and interpret their Bible. You can imagine hearing sermons like this week in and week out. Inasmuch as many men don't know how to properly study and preach God's Word, His Spirit sovereignly still uses His Word to save souls!

What a great opportunity to us to partner with Kim in sending men over there for one week teaching modules at his seminary—expository preaching, hermeneutics, OT survey, NT survey, etc. Perhaps God may open a door for me to go over to his country and help him in his seminary there by preaching a week-long module to men who, Kim says, are 'hungry' for the Word of God.

Good reminder that we serve and worship a global God. He is the King of the nations!
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