Monday, October 21, 2013

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church
Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Christ Fellowship Bible Church

There are many reasons why I love CFBC. I hope to elaborate on just a few over the next few days.

I. CFBC Has a Love for the Truth of Scripture.

I love CFBC because the people that God has brought to this flock hunger for God’s Word and love the truth of Scripture. The believers at CFBC have a yearning for more of God’s Word. They long to be fed from the pure milk of the Word. And they attend with great expectation to hear from God, from the Word of God, so they can be changed by God, resulting in the greater glory of God. Scripture predominates when CFBC gathers. The presiding authority is Jesus Christ and how He has revealed Himself in and through Scripture. And it is Scripture alone that tells God’s people how to worship. God not only cares that He is worshiped; he cares how He is worshiped. CFBC craves the Living Bread that is contained in the Bible.

The flock of CFBC believes in the inspiration of Scripture — that is, that all the Bible, in its entirety, is ‘breathed-out’ by God Himself. The flock affirms the inerrancy of Scripture — that is, that all the Bible, in every book, chapter verse, word, and letter is perfect and wholly without error. The Christians hold to the infallibility of Scripture — that is, that the Bible cannot err, it cannot lead astray, and the promises of Scripture cannot, and will not, fail. The church firmly upholds the supremacy and preeminence of Scripture — that is, Scripture is our only authority. Tradition holds no authority over CFBC. Nor does a group, a person, a committee, or cultural patterns or ecclesiastical practices hold authority over CFBC. God’s Word alone stands as the glorious and exclusive authority over CFBC. Furthermore, God’s people cherish and cling to the sufficiency of Scripture — that is, that the Bible contains great and precious promises for God’s people and that the Bible contains all that is needed for a believer’s life and godliness. In other words, the Bible has not left anything out. God does not need to still speak. God has spoken fully, sufficiently, clearly, and perfectly. And this revelation of God is contained in the Word of God and there is no new revelation that God speaks today. This must be the case because God’s Word is enough. It is sufficient to make the man of God adequate, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

The church is not about a preacher, a leader, a teacher, a group, a ministry, or a program. Rather, CFBC is about the proclamation of the Word of God so that the people of God, who are indwelt by the Spirit of God, can glorify God by becoming more conformed into the glorious likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ — the Son of God. The more that God’s Word is elevated, the more God’s glory is displayed. The more that God’s Word is taught and applied in counseling (discipleship) relationships within the context of the local church, the more God’s Word convicts, reproves, transforms, and conforms the man/woman of God into the image of Christ. This happens when a church has a deep, robust, steadfast commitment to the truth of Scripture. And the flock that God has gathered at CFBC has this love for the truth of Scripture.

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