Saturday, December 21, 2019

Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Christ Fellowship Bible Church

The preacher! The minister of the gospel! A shepherd of the church. Perhaps in times past these were elevated positions held in high esteem by the common man, but today we must regain the profound privilege of the preacher. Amazingly, my target audience is not those in the world but those in the church. Indeed, those who occupy the position of pastor or minister of the gospel: WE ourselves need to re-gain the profound privilege of the preacher. In this essay, I believe we need to elevate our estimation of and the privilege of the office of the minister of the gospel in at least five ways.

1.  The PULPIT — preach God’s Word, God’s Truth
The pulpit is a throne, it is the throne for the Word of God. The pulpit is the place where God stands and speaks to His people. God has designed the proclamation of His Word to be the primary means by which He both saves and sanctifies His people. The pulpit must allow God to speak forth to His people through His Word and it must not be a place where men speak human, trivial ideas. The pulpit must house and herald God’s profound wisdom from the Scripture, through the man, to the people, by God’s Spirit.

2.  The POSITION - as preacher, minister, servant, herald, shepherd
O the high honor of being a spokesman for God! What an honorable and holy calling to be summoned by God most High and commissioned to speak forth His Word, from His Book, to His people, by His power. A shepherd, a pastor, a minister, a preacher, a soul-winner! These are all high callings that God has put upon His man who heralds the Word! Never underestimate the high calling of this position! Tremble & rejoice!

3.  The PRAYER - a man of desperate and fervent prayer
All of a minister’s work is spiritual work and is powerless and fruitless unless it is bathed with and energized by prayer. Amazingly: the work of the minister of the gospel just may be the only calling where all the duties are absolutely impossible unless it is undergirded by desperate and fervent prayer. Men of God who preach the Word must be men who say no to many things in order to say yes to God in prayer.

4.  The PURITY - holiness of life
People are watching! What a travesty that many look at ministers or celebrity preachers and mock them (or Christianity, or God Himself!) because of an unholy life, a sinful habit that has become public and the work of the preacher has become a laughingstock of the masses! O let us regain the absolute necessity of being holy men. Why? As priests of old were consecrated, so let ministers be holy men in conduct & life.

5.  The PURSUIT - of God — not being so familiar with the the LORD that we forget to be in awe of Him
To minister as a leader of the flock is first of all to remember that one is a follower of the Chief Shepherd. Before you lead others, you must follow the Lamb! It’s easy to do sermon preparation and lose the awe. Seek to maintain a holy wonder & a heartfelt awe of God in everything you do as you pursue God Himself!


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