Monday, May 20, 2019

As we eagerly await the OPEN AIR PREACHER'S DAY OF INSTRUCTION & EQUIPPING hosted by Christ Fellowship Bible Church (St Louis, Missouri) [this Saturday, May 25th], I think it'd be helpful to provide a few helpful blogs on some related issues around the importance of faithful, biblically sound, and urgent preaching of Jesus Christ and Him crucified on the streets.

1. My personal philosophy of open air preaching  |  Blog
2. Reasons why open air preaching is always effective  |  Blog
3. How to prepare powerful pastoral preachers  |  Blog
4. Preparing an open air sermon  |  Blog
5. Street preaching at abortion clinics  |  Blog
6. Does street preaching work?  |  Blog
7. Why is open air preaching opposed by the local church?  |  Blog
8. Spurgeon on open air preaching  |  Read

VIDEO: a biblical defense of open air preaching  |  WATCH
VIDEO: does street preaching work?  |  WATCH


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