Monday, May 20, 2019


We have gathered together a simple Bible-reading plan that many folks have used at Christ Fellowship Bible Church.  It'll take you through the Old Testament one time and the New Testament twice each year.  It consists in reading a couple of chapters in the Old Testament and either one or two chapters in the New Testament each day.

If you DO NOT have a consistent Bible-reading schedule or plan or if you just throw open your Bible and point to a text and read your favorite verses each day, let me strongly encourage you to READ THROUGH THE WHOLE BIBLE.  The whole Bible makes a whole Christian.

Here's a blog for profitable Bible-reading -- how to read the Bible for your spiritual food.  May it be helpful for you.

The Bible reading plan SIDE 1
The Bible reading plan SIDE 2

One of the great joys of my spiritual life is reading God's Word first thing in the morning as I begin each day.  May the Lord encourage your heart as you feast upon His Word as well!


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