Monday, May 15, 2017

The Privilege and Blessings of Godly Motherhood.
Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Christ Fellowship Bible Church

No higher calling exists for mothers than to teach the glories of God and the gospel of Christ. 

This essay provides 5 specific privileges and blessings of godly motherhood.

1) Intentional.
The wonderful grace of motherhood calls upon mothers to be intentional. Mothers must be intention in how they live, how they communicate, how they model, how they probe deep to the heart, and how they point to Calvary. Coasting cannot occur in the calling of motherhood. Mothers must find themselves regularly calling upon God for mercy and wisdom so as to intentionally live for Christ and point the souls of their children to His gospel.

2) Instructional.
Motherhood requires instruction. No one should underestimate the high importance of instructing the children in the word of God and in the ways of the Lord. No greater privilege exists for a woman of God than to lead the children to the Lord so constantly through the faithful and deliberate instruction of God’s truth. Motherhood requires instruction and the wonderful gift that every mother has is the sufficient word of God.

3) Invitational.
Motherhood is a vocation of invitations. Godly mothers interact with the children regularly and call the children to learn about God and follow Him with their whole hearts. Godly women invite the children to trust in the Lord Jesus and to surrender to Him as Lord. Godly mothers take on the role of ambassador, yes, even missionary, in the context of the home as they find themselves regularly ministering to the children (however young they may be) and constantly presenting Christ as a glorious Savior to them and beseeching the children to draw near to Christ through repentance and faith.

4) Intercessory.
A mother must pray. There’s no calling so impossible as that of motherhood. To instruct and discipline and lead and live as a godly example before children is absolutely crucial and yet the godly woman understands that her efforts prove to be futile and vain unless the power of the Holy Spirit awakens the precious hearts of the children to see the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Thus, this gloriously impossible calling drives the mother to her knees to intercede for her children, by name, each day, with passion. Let no mother underestimate the power of intercessory prayer and persistent supplications before the Throne of Grace.

5) Incessant.
Every godly mother knows that her labors must continually go on. There is a constancy and a longevity about the mother’s labors that particularly crown her work. She must daily rely on God’s grace, fervently plead for His power, and supplicate for God’s blessing. She mothers in such a way that she knows her instruction is not to cease, nor is her love to wane, nor is her example to falter. And for this reason, she relies upon the Lord’s Word and walks in His grace each day. The high privilege of motherhood rests in the incessant calling to serve Christ and love her children.


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