Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How can we continue to grow at, equip, work together, and excel as men of God who want to know the Word and be skilled in preaching God's Word faithfully.

It was in the Puritan era that the "Prophesying meetings" gained steam and notoriety.  These were simply "preaching services."  A text would be given to numerous preachers who would then ALL prepare and preach a brief message on that particular text.  Then, after a few of the men preached, the rest present would analyze, respond to, & provide encouragements and helps for improvements.

So, I was thinking of how we could train/equip and grow together as men of Christ Fellowship Bible Church (and others who may be interested).  Why don't we plan to do something like this over the course of the summer:

We'll plan to meet on Saturday mornings at CHRIST FELLOWSHIP BIBLE CHURCH SANCTUARY from 7:00AM - 8:30AM.

DATES *Tentatively Scheduled*            TEXTS                       
Saturday, May 27                                     Psalm 1
Saturday, June 24                                     Revelation 20:11-15
Saturday, July 8                                       Ezekiel 2
Saturday, August 5                                  Colossians 1:15-20
Saturday, September 2                            Mark 8:34-38

*FORMAT: each preacher will deliver a 20-minute message. We will hear 3 men preach each Saturday (=totaling 60 minutes) and then we'll have about 30 mins to debrief together and help each other grow as teachers/preachers of the Word.
7:00AM      opening prayer
7:00-7:20    sermon #1
7:20-7:40    sermon #2
7:40-8:00    sermon #3
8:00-8:30    debrief & evaluation
8:30             closing prayer

This is *building on the Expository Preaching class* that we had LAST SUMMER (download the PDF here & the AUDIO here). 

**PLEASE RESPOND IF YOU'D SO DESIRE TO BE ON THE PREACHING ROTATION. You are most welcome to come & join in the conversation even if you don't *want* to preach. But this is a venue for men who want to preach and improve their skills and see if they have the gift of teaching/preaching. 


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