Tuesday, January 12, 2016

—A meditation on Psalm 90:14—
Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Christ Fellowship Bible Church

The Text of Ps 90:14—
‏שַׂבְּעֵנוּ בַבֹּקֶר חַסְדֶּךָ וּנְרַנְּנָה וְנִשְׂמְחָה בְּכָל־יָמֵינוּ׃
Author’s Translation:
“O satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love so that we will sing for joy and we will be glad all our days!”

What does it mean to be satisfied in God’s love in the morning? In this wisdom psalm, Moses records the everlasting nature of God, the brevity of man’s life and the thrilling reality that God’s love remains constant all through the lives of His people. In fact, Moses prayed: O satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast, covenant-keeping love [‏חֶסֶד, hesed]. But what does it look like for us as God’s people to be satisfied with God’s love? What needs to happen? Where do we begin?

Here, I’ll provide six brief remarks about God’s great love for us! Let us satisfy our souls in Him each morning afresh.

God’s Steadfast Love [‏חֶסֶד, hesed] Is An...

1. Undying love.
The love that God has for His people is an everlasting love that endures forever. That’s why the psalmists proclaim so frequently that “His love [‏חֶסֶד, hesed] endures forever” (see, e.g., Ps 136). As eternal as God Himself is in all of His fullness, so eternal is the mighty love of God. It never dies or fades. It never ends or terminates. It won’t ever end!

2. Undeserved love.
Sinners lived lives of sin and God’s love was unwelcomed and unwanted from the sinner’s perspective who loved his sin and plunged into self-centered living. But when the kindness and love of God appeared, He graciously saved His elect, whom He had foreknown and predestined from eternities ago! There is nothing that we have to attribute our salvation to other than the undeserved love of our God. His love triumphed over our stubbornness and conquered!

3. Unfathomable love.
No earthly creature ever could fathom and exhaust the fullness of divine richness encompassed in His almighty and infinite love. No one can define fully or comprehend totally the infinite extremities and everlasting blessings that will flow from God’s mighty mercy to all of His creatures individually. He lovingly plunges all His people into His everlasting love now and to eternity.

4. Unrelenting love.
Our love wanes. So often our love grows cold. But God’s love never fades nor does it ever diminish in power and in force. The covenant-keeping love of God never relents or minimizes. What a mind-boggling and thrilling thought: the same love that God wondrously had in eternity past in electing us to be His own forever is the same love that He has now for us and the same love that He will have forevermore as we dwell with Him in everlasting glory! Like an overwhelming, mighty, ever-flowing waterfall rushing down with unstoppable and unrelenting force, so great is God’s love for all of His people whom He loves in Christ.

5. Unconditional love.
The love of God is free, rich, undeserved, and not contingent on our behavior! Did you hear that. Never does God say I’ll love you if…” or “I’ll keep loving you only if you measure up….” Those who are united to Christ by faith have the fullness of God’s love without end, without condition, without limitation, without hesitation, with everlasting duration! What a glorious love!

6. Unsurpassed love.
Nothing in all the world can surpass the strong and saving love of Christ! No creature has loved like this nor could any creature ever conjure up enough strength to love like this. It comes fully from God and triumphs all other loves! His love surpasses all other loves and dwarfs all other expressions of love that men could ever display. O the love of God conquers all loves and wins the heart with its supreme, other-worldly, heart-winning, and soul-ravishing love. Satisfy yourself in this divine love each morning!

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