Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Christ Fellowship Bible Church

Psalm 127:4 — "Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth.

1. Children, like arrows, are sharp, powerful & can accomplish great things! An arrow, carefully and diligently sharpened, can accomplish powerful results if shot rightly, powerfully, accurately, and precisely. Let us remember that our children, in a similar way, can accomplish great tasks and effect tremendous results if we would sharpen them diligently and in biblically.

2. Children, like arrows & unlike a sword, can go where the warrior cannot go (v.4)!  Parents must remember that our children can go to places in the world, in the region, in the city that we ourselves are unable to go. Just as an arrow that flies from the hand of the warrior goes swiftly to a location where the warrior himself cannot go, so our children can accomplish great things far and wide!

3. Children, like arrows, are to be offensive weapons to fight battles that are afar off & coming (v.4)!  Arrows in the hand of a warrior are never defensive weapons. Never does a mighty man sharpen an arrow just to hide it in his quiver. Rather, he readies his arrows and his mind so that when danger approaches, he stands ready to engage in combat. In a similar way, even now there may be battles that are afar off and over the horizon, but give it time and the combat will draw near. Let us prepare our children for battle!

4. Children, like arrows, must be deployed by God who knows how to use them best (v.4)!  Ultimately, the arrow is in the power and under the prerogative of the mighty warrior. The arrow does not pick and choose and aim and fire itself. Rather, the warrior lets it go. Ultimately, we as parents aren’t ‘Ultimate Warriors’, God is! God must deploy them for He knows how to use our arrows best.

5. Children, like arrows, must be straightened to be powerful thru discipline (v.4)!  A warrior preparing for combat straightens his arrows so that there are no rough patches on the shaft. It must be strong, powerful, able to penetrate, and certainly not flimsy. Likewise, we must straighten, fortify, and establish our children to be powerful and resolute through discipline and fervent instruction.

6. Children, like arrows, must be sharpened thru instruction, teaching (v.4)!  A warrior could pick the most sturdy instrument for the arrow but if the head is dull, it will accomplish no good. Let us sharpen our children, like arrows, constantly, fervently, intentionally, biblically, and theologically so that they are sharp in their knowledge of God, His ways, His Word, and how to live for His glory!

7. Children, like arrows, must be aimed/directed for the future thru sharing the faith, vision, future, truth, gospel (v.4)!  If a mighty man of war does not put himself in a ready position for battle with his arsenal readily available and his arrows at his disposal for future battle he is a warrior that is soon to perish. Let us direct our children toward Christ and prepare them for the long-haul to serve Him as we proclaim the essentials of faith, the ultimate passion for God’s glory and the necessity of a life of integrity.

8. Children, like arrows, should be aware of how powerful they are & the effect they can have (for the Master's use) (v.4)!  Arrows can kill. They can penetrate deep below the skin and can kill the enemy or, if wrongly utilized, can harm oneself or a friend. Let children understand that they are powerful beings made in God’s image and yet they can have such a mighty and powerful impact for the Master’s use. Let us employ them and send them as powerful instruments in the Redeemer’s hands!

9. Children, like arrows, must be aimed at the bullseye (salvation of their souls) thru constant evangelization with grace-driven, Christ-exalting urgency!  No matter how skilled and professional a warrior may be, if he aims at nothing, he’s sure to hit it. O let parents learn this truth! We must aim and direct our children to hit the bulls-eye. The bulls-eye of childrearing is the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want our children to know the gospel, comprehend the gospel, believe this gospel, surrender their lives to obey this gospel, follow Jesus Christ, and live confidently and courageously for Him regardless of the cost and even to the point of death.

10. Children, like arrows, must be let go & leave the bow (home) (v.4)!  No front-line warrior would ever attend vigilantly to his arrows in the home and then refuse to release the arrow in the demanding moments of warfare. In similar way, parents must prepare to release and send them!

11. Children, like arrows, once shot in warfare cannot be retrieved -- so make every moment count! (v.4)!  In combat, warriors never would cross into enemy territory to retrieve the already-shot arrows. Once fired, they’re gone. Parents must redeem the time, making the most of every opportunity to point our children to Christ and to lovingly urge them to surrender to Him! Let us daily teach, faithfully model, and woo them to Christ!


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