Thursday, January 2, 2014

This upcoming Sunday (Jan 5th, 2014), as I continue the verse by verse exposition through Romans 8 at Christ Fellowship Bible Church, I will begin a 5-part series working through the Golden Chain in Romans 8:29-30.

These verses (and the 5 terms) are foundational for a proper understanding of the supreme and sovereign working of God in man's redemption.

Robert Haldane commented on Rom 8:29-30...
In looking back on this passage, we should observe that, in all that is stated, man acts no part, but is passive, and all is done by God. He is elected and predestinated and called and justified and glorified by God. The apostle was here concluding all that he had said before in enumerating topics of consolation to believers, and is now going on to show that God is ‘for us’, or on the part of his people. Could anything, then, be more consolatory to those who love God, than to be in this manner assured that the great concern of their salvation is not left in their own keeping?

January 5th — Divine Foreknowledge: special compassion & intimate love
January 19th — Divine Predestination: supreme choosing & guaranteed plan
January 26th — Divine Calling: sovereign calling/effectual calling
February 2nd — Divine Justification: forensic declaration & double imputation
February 9th — Divine Glorification: sure confidence & steadfast clinging

Join us at Christ Fellowship Bible Church as we examine the greatness of God in the great salvation that He thought, wrought, sought & bought for His bride, the Church.

(For a recent article working through the 5 links in this 'Golden, Unbreakable Chain', click HERE.)

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