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The Biblical Truth About Homosexuality, Part 3
Providing Biblical Answers to the LGBT Claims

A few days ago, I began a brief series of blogs answering Wilson Cruz' statements on the CNN interview with Al Mohler last week following up the Duck Dynasty stir.

LINK to video/interview:
Interview on December 19, 2013

Wilson Cruz, national spokesman for GLAAD & Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The following are claims and statements that Wilson made during the interview with CNN. I endeavor to provide biblical answers and Christ-centered rebuttals to Wilson’s comments.

[The statements in bold are those that came from Wilson, the national spokesman for GLAAD & a proponent of LGBT. The answers below each statement are biblical responses to Wilson’s comments.]

In part 1, I answer Wilson's first 3 claims. Then in part 2, I answer Wilson's next 3 claims. In each, I followed his claims with a biblical response.

Here are the first 6 of Wilson's statements...
1. Not all Christians support views of Phil Robertson. More and more Christians support LGBT.
2. He invites all people to know us, our lives, our families and to meet young people & are accepting that they are LGBT.
3. People need to get to know us, see our lives, see our desires & understand that we accept who we are.
4. The Pope and Obama accept same sex marriage...
5. This country has changed & most americans support LGBT people & are supportive of them.
6. It is not a Christian thing to include homosexuality in a list of bestiality or slanderers.
I answered all of these statements HERE and HERE.

Now for the final 3 of Wilson's statements...

7. If you know us that's not who we are...
Wilson proposes that if the audience watching the CNN interview knew him, other homosexuals, and others committed to LGBT, they would have a different perspective about them since they are unlike those who fit into the various categories of sins (as listed in the Bible). Wilson believes that he — and others like him — are not like other groups that the Bible speaks of as sinful.

One important element that Wilson fails to realize is that his statement could not be any further from the truth. It is precisely who all people are as sinners — condemned, sinful, doomed, and sentenced to divine wrath apart from God’s intervening grace and mercy. This discussion ought not to single out homosexuals (or those enjoined to LGBT) as the only sinners. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. The wages of sin is death. There is not a righteous man on earth who continually does good. There is none righteous; not even one. There is none who seek for God; all have turned aside. It’s not that Christians declare that homosexuals are the only sinners. Far from it! A true Christian fronts himself at the top of the list in affirming that he himself is the ‘chief of sinners’ and he finds himself amazed, awestruck, and ever-so-confounded that God would save such a vile wretch such as him! That is the true heart of a Christian.

So then, to answer Wilson’s statement that ‘it’s just not who we are’ to be categorized with other classes of sinners, one should affirm that all people — regardless of race, ethnicity, background, environment, or gender — stand condemned before God’s omniscient eye and all people live in an urgent state of desperately needing a Savior. That is to say, someone outside of self must save. And Jesus Christ alone is that Savior. All those in the LGBT movement, including homosexuals and advocates of same sex marriage are just like every other human being — a sinner doomed for eternal hell unless they repent and change their ways by trusting in Christ alone, confessing their wickedness, and following Jesus Christ alone as Savior and Lord.

8. Now more and more know who we are and will not put up with anyone speaking ill of us.
This statement by Wilson suggests that the LGBT movement and the LGBT agenda increases in strength as time goes on. And, sadly, this statement could not be more accurate. Nevertheless, a Bible-believing Christian is one who can say with the Apostle Paul that his foremost ambition is to be pleasing to God in all things. The Christian does not fear man nor does he live to please man. Regardless of who stands against him, the believer with God on His side is always on the winning side. Regardless of the tide of culture, the current of people, the agendas of various organizations, and the powerful draw of organizations, the genuine Christian is one who stands bold as a lion regardless of the foes that may come against him. The believer rests confidently in God’s unchanging Word, proclaims unashamedly the salvation found in Jesus Christ alone, and preaches that God commands all men everywhere to repent for God has fixed a day when He will judge the world in righteousness through the Sovereign and soon-coming Jesus Christ.

Many would not put up with Jesus Christ. Herein lies the reason why Jesus was crucified. The Jewish leaders would not put up with His claims to be God come in the flesh and to be their only Messiah, deliverer from sin. They condemned him for blasphemy and crucified Him on a criminal’s cross. He was despised and rejected; a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. He was stricken, smitten, and afflicted. He knew what it was for people to rise up against him. And so it is for all His followers, they must ‘count the cost’ and pursue Christ and share in His sufferings since the sufferings of the present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that will follow. Now, in this day and in our times, every Christian must stand strong, live Christlike, proclaim boldly, and serve Christ regardless of who wants to hear. God commands His heralds to ‘preach the Word’ and to be ready in season and out of season. Of course, mockers come and scoffers reject. The Bible foretold that this would happen. Nevertheless, the believer proclaims the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to all — including homosexuals and all those in the LGBT movement and those affectionate to their worldviews and practices — in declaring that Christ Jesus has come into the world to save sinners. And, the only hope offered to the LGBT movement, same sex marriage advocates, homosexuals, and all who condone their lifestyle is the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ who has come to save, transform, sanctify, and deliver them from hell. What a glorious gospel. No movement, hostility, or oppression can shut the mouths of God’s messengers!

9. We will rise up and speak out against those who do not accept homosexuality; that's not American, that's not Christian.
The final statement that Wilson made in the CNN interview affirms that he and others in the LGBT will in fact speak out against those who do not accept homosexuality. Whatever befalls the man of God, so be it if Christ is magnified and His Word is proclaimed. The most loving thing a Christian can do is to confront sin head on, show sinners they are heading for hell, and gloriously cry out that God has offered one — and only one — way to escape eternal damnation, namely, by turning to God and turning from sin. O may God gloriously save more in our land!

Wilson believes that it’s not American and it’s not Christian to speak out against homosexuality. What Wilson must understand is that the Christian is not one who is speaking out against homosexuality — God is. God has declared in no unclear terms that homosexuals, effeminate, and those who give hearty approval to these sins will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Again, let it be understood, the Christian, in and of himself, has no authority to speak out against or condemn anyone or anyone’s lifestyle. But God as the Sovereign Creator and Righteous Judge of heaven and earth has set the standard and created marriage and written His Law on all men’s hearts. Therefore, those who reject God’s Law and reject God’s standard are those who are condemned by God already. The wrath of God abides on all those who are suppressing God’s truth in unrighteousness. The man of God, then, takes God’s Word and proclaims it boldly. The Christian is merely the mouthpiece for God declaring God’s Word to lost people who need salvation!

In conclusion, Wilson and all those of the homosexual and LGBT movement must understand that the most Christian thing to do is to speak the gospel of God’s grace to lost sinners heading to hell because of their sin and unbelief. Confrontation is loving. Reproof is loving. Calling sin sin is biblical. Speaking out against wickedness, transgression and sin is loving. Why? Because then, and only then, when sin is known to be sin and when sin is seen to be vile and heinous in God’s eyes, is the gospel glorious. One does not desperately and urgently cling to a solution unless he is utterly convinced he has a mortal wound. And the wages of sin is eternal death.

Jesus Christ is not treasured when sinners think they are good and don’t need Him. But when sinners are confronted with their sin, shown from God’s Word that they live with the arrow of divine fury aimed at their heart, and urged to repent and believe upon Christ before the sword of divine wrath falls upon their neck and they fall into everlasting doom, then the only remedy for this condition becomes beautiful and cherished. And Jesus Christ Himself is this only solution — for homosexuals, for those battling with same sex attraction, and for those in the LGBT movement, for those who condone this behavior, and for all people — since He said: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no one comes to the Father but through me.” He said: “Repent and believe in the gospel.” Jesus said, “Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.”

And when dead sinners are given spiritual life by God’s matchless grace, the Bible declares that they have a new nature. “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away and, behold, new things have come!” The Scriptures wonderfully show how God’s power can take a rebellious, God-hating sinner and transform his heart. And, the gospel show him his sin so that the person clings to Christ and Him alone as his only hope of salvation. There is a full cleansing that comes by believing in Christ. One can be washed; one can be changed; one can be transformed. One can be saved out of this lifestyle. Better yet, a sinner can be snatched out of the kingdom of darkness and transferred into the kingdom of God. Indeed, the gospel does just that. The gospel takes one from the kingdom of Satan and transfers him to the kingdom of Christ. Now this is a gospel worth proclaiming. This is a gospel for which one would suffer and die.


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