Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why Does Christ Fellowship Bible Church Exist?
Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Pastor, CFBC
(download the pdf here)

CFBC exists: to glorify God by preaching the Word, evangelizing the lost, discipling the saved, and obeying Jesus Christ—all by the power of the Spirit.

Breakdown of mission statement & preaching points:

1. Always Glorify God — A High View of God & His Glory
2. Preach the Word — A High View of Biblical, Expository Preaching
3. Evangelize the Lost — A Biblical View of Evangelism/Conversion
4. Disciple the Saved — A Biblical View of Discipleship/Growth
5. Obey Jesus Christ — A Biblical View of Aggressive Sanctification
6. Depend on the Spirit — A Towering View of the Spirit’s Enabling Power

CFBC’s mission must = CFBC’s strategy

In other words, CFBC’s strategy is the mission. The way we can glorify God is by preaching the Word, evangelizing the lost, discipling the saved, and walking in worshipful obedience to His commands. This all happens in full dependence and with supernatural power sovereignly bestowed by God the Holy Spirit.

That’s our strategy. We have no special methods. We follow no church-growth model. We simply preach Christ. We proclaim Him! We want to magnify the greatness of God (=high view of God) and denounce the sinfulness of man (=low view of man) and proclaim the sufficient gospel that God provides and accomplishes in the hearts of His people through saving faith in the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ.

CFBC’s vision: to be a disciple-making church.

What do we hope to do? What is our vision for the future?
Quite simply, we make it our resolution to be a disciple-making Church. We want to proclaim that every single Christian is mandated by God to be part of the Great Commission. Thus, every Christian is, thus, a missionary, an evangelist, a disciplee, and a disciple-maker. At CFBC, we desire to foster this attitude so that every single person who commits himself to CFBC will be regularly, actively, and intentionally involved in the lives of other believers at CFBC.

More info at the CFBC website & at Pastor Geoff's article page.
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