Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm not joking. I was in Bank of America today and standing in line studying my Greek vocabulary cards. Then the lady in front of me said, "Next in line, please!" So I proceeded to her window and handed her my checks. I didn't really do anything abnormal and I wasn't acting any different than I usually do.

Then the lady said, "Do you live out here?" I answered, "Yes, I'm studying out here." She said, "Oh, at the Master's College." I responded with a smile and said, "I graduated from there but now I'm finishing up at the Master's Seminary and I work in a church."

I could tell almost instantly that she was intrigued that I went to Master's and that there was something different. I don't think these window tellers always get the friendliest people. So I preceded to tell her that I majored in biblical languages and told her that I love studying the Bible (transition into the Gospel conversation). She said, "Oh yes, I've tried to read parts before."

I then said, "What did you think?" She said, "I just don't understand it...Is there something special I have to do to understand it when I read." I wanted to respond very simply, so I then told her to "Pray and ask the Lord to open the eyes of your heart and mind, then just read the Scriptures." Then - no kidding - she asked about 10 questions as she was very very interested in what I was talking about. She told me the book is just "too big to read." I said, "I understand." Then I told her to pick up the fourth book in the New Testament called The Gospel of John. I told her to read just "ONE chapter a day and at the end of three weeks, she will have a summary of the life of Jesus, his sayings, his teachings, his miracles, his crucifixion, what is required of his followers, etc."

She said, "I will...but I don't have a Bible." I said, "Let me run to my car and bring one back for you." Then I bolted out of that bank and went to the car and got her a small: 1) New Testament bookmarked in the Gospel of John for her "easy-find" and 2) A "gospel tract" on repenting of sins and turning to Christ for full and complete salvation.

But here is the point - I walked into that bank with a big smile on my face. She recognized that there was something different. So that opened up a door for the Gospel.

Folks who read this post: Do what one of my heroes of old said: Share the Gospel, and THEN if necessary, use words! Are you living in such a way that people recognize that there is something different about you?

Praise God - Please pray for Alex - She needs to repent of her sin and trust in Christ!


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