Friday, April 13, 2007

If you happened to see "Julie" (that is, the honorable name given to my 1997 White Honda Civic with 140,000 miles on it) driving down the 5 freeway with all the boxes, mattresses, couches, desks, bookcases, blah blah blah swaying in the wind and you were a little nervous - let me assure you, it all made it there safely :=)
So this is the blessed representation of what we went through yesterday. God bless Julie. She is a trooper :-)

P.S. This is all just for fun. We had two trucks and one large minivan to carry all the cargo from one apartment to the other. No worries. Julie is safe. She is healthy. She is still moving!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you boys working all day (on your SPRING BREAK no less :) to get our new apt furnished and loaded with "stuff." Thanks for all of your hard work boys.... oh, I mean "men." lol.

Anonymous said...

costco, we all love julie! just don't overwork her!

Geoffrey Kirkland said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for the comment. Julie also says thanks for the comment. She loves to feel the love from the youth group at Christ Community - even when you throw footballs and frisbees at her... :=(

But you know what, she is good at "forgiveness." I think she gets it from her owner ;=)

See you guys next Sunday at Youth group. Remember the topic is: "The Bible...Who is the God of it?" BRING ALL YOUR FRIENDS - HumeLake sign ups begin next week too :=)

Anonymous said...

You guys did a great job with the moving. And thanks for loading up our new table for us! the 210 girls really love it! :)

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