Saturday, March 3, 2007

In his excellent work, Disciplines of a Godly Man, R. Kent Hughes mentions a quote by a famous radio talk show host. Bear in mind he is a Jewish man, not even claiming to be a Christian. Read his observation on p.78:

"One thing I noticed about Evangelicals is that they do not read. They do not read the Bible, they do not read the great Christian thinkers, they have never heard of Aquinas. If they're Presbyterian, they've never read the founders of Presbyterianism. I do not understand that. As a Jew, that's confusing to me. The commandment of study is so deep in Judaism that we immerse ourselves in study. God gave us a brain, aren't we to use it in His service? When I walk into an Evangelical Christian's home and see a total of 30 books, most of them best-sellers, I do not understand. I have bookcases of Christian books, and I am a Jew. Why do I have more Christian books than 98% of the Christians in America? That is so bizarre to me."

Christian, train your mind for godliness. Do this by reading, reading and more reading. Do this by study, study and more studying. Read the Bible! God gave us the revelation of Himself in His Word. Know it! May this be a reminder to us all. Praise God for His revelation.


Anonymous said...

True, Evangelicals don't read, but he's wrong about the Presbyterians- at least the real ones!!! Well then, even if I am not a covenantal Presbyterian I would rather have an amillenialist infant baptizing more prominent than a fundy Evangelical who left his brain in the parking lot. When John Stone and I start a college someday you can come and learn about the rife anti-intellectualism that has come out of dispensational fundamentalism in the late 19th c.

With that to say, sectors of evangelicalism have recently made their was into the academy. This is seen in what has gone on at Wheaton with G.K. Beale and Mark Noll (who is now at Notre Dame). Although, the anti-intellectual foundation which contemporary evangelicalism is built proves itself deficient. We all know about the issues with the ETC and Open Theism in the last few years. If they had actually written up a clear doctrinal statement in the beginning (not even a confession) the problem would have not existed. And how can we not mention Fuller Seminary? Okenga would turn over in his grave if he knew what was going on there. No, they are not anti-intellectual now. I know their librarian who is the most important librarian in the American theological world. The problem is that they were founded on too broad of a theological foundation- they wanted to be open and didn't bother to be specific, so now the are liberal. Do yourself a big favor and read this article by the Carl Trueman (who is Reformed) about recent happenings at Wheaton College:

It was Princetonian B.B. Warfield in his review of Fundamentalist R.A. Torrey's book, "What's in the Bible," who criticized him for not being incorrect, but weak in plummeting the depths of biblical truth.

Anonymous said...

The complete link to the article:

Very much worth reading!

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