Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yesterday my beautiful wife was sick in bed with a bad cold. It was up to me (problem #1) to do some of the duties around the home and make it look... tidy (whatever that means!).

So, as part of my responsibilities inflicted upon me by my lovely wife, I had to go to the grocery store and buy the weekly quota of food. Now, I always feel weird when I go grocery shopping without Elizabeth. I look around and find many women with small children, women getting off of work, women going to different sample tables and women sniffing the flowers and there is Geoff, walking around with the grocery cart acting like he has some sort of clue as to what he is doing.

Somehow, I ended up with a bill which was way too much for a weekly supply of groceries, but it is absolutely justified in my heart and mind because I bought a nice bouquet of flowers for my sick wife (yes, I permit me to boast for twenty-five seconds...haha).

At any rate, I realized - yet again - that grocery shopping was created to be handled by the gender that knows how to cook... not a guy that knows how to put Ramen in the microwave and hit the "quick minute" button.

Lesson of the day: A man + Grocery shopping = Big Time Chaos!

Praise God that He has given me a wonderful wife. :=)


St. Louis Mom said...

I KNEW I should have made you go with me to the grocery store when you were in high school! I take FULL responsibility, sorry Elizabeth....feel better sweetie!

Keara said...

Your post made me smile! It's so true. One time I was sick and Dave had to go grocery shopping. I know that he'd do it for me anytime b/c he loves me, but he HATES it! :) Just like you, though, I come home with way more than was on the original list - I just can't help myself! :) Tell your lovely wife we hope she feels better.

geoffrey kirkland said...

Thanks, Keara.

Hope you're doing well. Hopefully we can all hang soon!


Peter & Lisa said...

Your friends at CBC in New York will be praying for your wife's health and for your domestic skills! :o)
Get well soon Mrs. Kirkland!

geoffrey kirkland said...

Thanks Peter and Lisa.

Hope you guys are doing well! Blessings to you and CBC,


your wifey ;-) said...

Despite your sense of inadequacy, you really did a fabulous job! You even bought me a BIG gallon of O.J. to go with my boquet of flowers! Honey, I am so grateful for your loving service to me, your "weaker vessel."

Thanks to everyone else for all the well-wishing :) Your prayers are very much apprecieated too... this little bug is a stickler!

geoffrey kirkland said...

Babe, ... this is not the place to be all "mushy mushy"... :=)

St. Louis Dad said...

Hang in there my boy! Your servant's heart will provide more curative properties than all the Zicam and chicken soup you can muster :)

If it makes you feel any better, I still can't figure out the microwave.

Elizabeth, we told Geoff to give you a great big hug for us! Hope you feel better soon!



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