Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Al Mohler has a wonderful post on Christian Higher Education. He notes:
When we speak of scholarship from a Christian perspective, we speak of more than scholarship done by Christians. Rather, we speak of a passion for learning based on the supposition that all truth is God's truth. Thus, as Christian scholars related together in a learning community, we are to seek to take every thought captive to Christ.
May it be that we all seek to grow closer to God and His Word. Read his blog here.


Keara said...

I heard a praise song on the radio today at work and it reminded me of our times at Pasadena! Dave and I really miss worshipping under your leadership. *sigh* Those were good times. Can't WAIT to hear about New York!

geoffrey kirkland said...


Thanks for the note. I hope you are doing well. Elizabeth and I are anxious to have you guys over again... perhaps next week.

Much love to you both! :=)

Anonymous said...

Christian Scholarship- that's why everyone needs to come to Westminster.

geoffrey kirkland said...


...and Masters!

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