Thursday, April 12, 2007

Today, G-poppa is moving all the big stuff to our new apartment. It is a very nice apartment. It is a two-bedroom, two-bath with a big living room. Of course, it has a kitchen, which I am very excited about :=)
This will be me by the end of the day - but I'm in no way boasting... ;-)

So I hope that today I get a good workout moving the couches, the bed, the tables, the bookshelves, the dressers, the patio furniture and whatever else is on Elizabeth's list that I must move ;-)....I love you babe :=)


fawn :) said...

Our apartment is going to be soooo empty now! At least we get to keep Beth a little while longer... :)

Geoffrey R. Kirkland said...

Yea, you get her for a few more weeks - and then I get her :=)

Hey by the way #210 girls - we are bringing a nice dining room set for you guys this weekend :=)

Much love


Fawn said...

Much appreciated! :)

the girl next door ;-) said...

OUCH... Honey, that hurt... lol. I DID give you guys a pretty big load, but you managed & now you have me to thank for your bulging biscepts & all. See, I was really just doing my part to keep you & your study buddies in shape. lol. =)

Sean said...


I already told you- don't take my personal photos and post them on the web! I can't believe you didn't even ask me-- again!!

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