Tuesday, July 11, 2023


Geoffrey R. Kirkland

Christ Fellowship Bible Church 


Why new member interviews?

Question:  When people want to join your church, why do you require a new member “interview”?  

Answer:  We do so for the following six reasons: 
  1. It allows church elders to sit with the individual and cultivate continued interpersonal communication so as to get to know them better. 
  2. It allows the elders to ask 3 primary questions: 
    1. TESTIMONY:  please articulate your salvation-testimony. 
    2. GOSPEL:  please articulate the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.
    3. SERVICE:  where and how do you plan to serve and plug in at this local church?
  3. It helps us as elders to know if they need clarification on a point of the gospel as they articulate it (so we can help them, give them a resource for further study). 
  4. It allows us as elders to reassure the individual that we shepherd-elders want to care for all the flock of God that the Lord entrusts to our care. 
  5. It provides a wonderful platform to call the individual to service in the body life of the church rather than just being a spectator and attending when it’s convenient. 
  6. Then, we can encourage the person by praying with and for them at the end.
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