Friday, February 22, 2019

Here is the link to the recent 19-part eBook on Duties of Christian Wives that I completed. May the Lord use it to edify and build up Christian women in marriages for the glory of Christ. 

Here are the articles:
1. submitting
2. following
3. affirming
4. respecting
5. speaking well of
6. working hard at home (Prov 31.31)
7. teaching children (& grand children)
8. discipling others
9. praying
10. adorning
11. fulfilling (sexually her husband)
12. guarding (the home that it's a godly, safe, warm, inviting, welcoming place for husband)
13. forgiving
14. worshiping
15. self-denying  (submit to husbands in everything)
16. trusting (in God as she follows/submits to her husband)
17. encouraging (her husband and others in her life)
18. wise (Prov 19.14; 31.25 - a prudent wife)
19. God-fearing (Prov 31.30)

Download the eBook HERE.

This is the counterpart to the Duties of Christian Husbands () which can be found HERE.


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