Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How To Pray For Your Pastor
Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Christ Fellowship Bible Church

Pray for him ...
1. To have an insatiable hunger for God’s Word.
2. To feed regularly & be filled joyfully from communing with God in His Word.
3. To love his wife selflessly, sacrificially, and with a tender, servant’s heart.
4. To disciple his children in the words and works of the Lord.
5. To lead his family in regular times of family worship at home.
6. To tell, show, and prove to his wife and children that the family is his primary ministry.
7. To model what a man of God is to be like even within the confines of his home — above reproach with his eyes, his words, his attitudes, and
his private life.
8. To study diligently for every single sermon.
9. To pray fervently as a man who is inseparable from his best friend.
10. To intercede for every single family (especially the husbands and fathers) in the church.
11. To train up Godly men who can help share the responsibilities and burdens of ministry.
12. To disciple other men who can disciple their own wives, children, and other men in the church.
13. To flee ferociously from all sexual temptations.
14. To repent daily from pride and self-autonomy.
15. To humbly confess to others when he sins against them.
16. To be shepherded by others who ask him the “hard” questions about his personal life, family life, walk with God, and thoughts.
17. To shun all forms of materialism and the love of money.
18. To be used by God mightily in the preaching of the Word, in the discipling and raising of men, and in evangelism.
19. To provide visionary leadership for the local church that is biblical and gospel-centered.
20. To meditate daily on the beautiful glory of the gospel of grace.
21. To remind himself daily that he is in need of the gospel just as much as those to those to whom he preaches.
22. To be protected from Satan’s sly schemes and deceptive devices that he will regularly cast into your pastor’s path.
23. To enjoy the work of the ministry.
24. To not lose heart from all of the emotional, spiritual, and ministerial battles.
25. To counsel others biblically from the Word of God.
26. To live such an exemplary life at home so that his wife and children can sit under his preaching with integrity rather than seeing him as a
hypocritical liar.
27. To befriend his wife more than any other woman and more than any other man on the earth.
28. To have wisdom and guidance as to where to focus his efforts in the ministry.
29. To manage his time well so that he focuses on the priorities rather than on the peripherals.
30. To evangelize with regularity, zeal, persuasion, and urgency.
31. To retain a tender compassion for the lost who are dead in their sins & yet a fervent passion to see them saved.
32. To take hold of God in prayer in the morning, in the afternoons, and in the night so that he may commune with His God even when no
one else sees or notices his fellowship with his God.
33. To kill every known sin in his life; to allow no sin to linger; to uproot every sin from its inceptive root.
34. To reject every form of pastoral pride that could arise in his own heart such as longing for a bigger church, mass converts, new building,
speaking engagements.
35. To live minimally so that he does not fall into the temptation of loving money, relying on money, or seeking more money for happiness.
36. To rejoice often in the One who is infinitely worthy of our joy, namely, God Himself and His great goodness.
37. To partner, pray with, encourage, and serve missionaries who are laboring for Christ and His gospel around the globe.

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