Thursday, June 1, 2017

Today on the streets of St Louis, MO I will complete my open air preaching thru the attributes of God (2nd time doing so in the last 5 years).

[I have compiled a philosophy of open air preaching that guides & guards me in this area of evangelism.]
In the public & open air, I've preached on...

  • existence of God
  • sovereignty of God
  • aseity of God (Self-existence)
  • eternality of God
  • personhood of God
  • tri-unity of God
  • infinitude of God
  • holiness of God
  • righteousness of God
  • justice of God
  • goodness of God
  • omniscience of God
  • omnipresence of God
  • omnipotence of God
  • wisdom of God
  • patience of God
  • faithfulness of God
  • wrath of God
  • love of God
  • mercy of God
  • grace of God
  • glory of God
  • immutability of God (unchangeableness)
  • transcendence of God
  • compassion of God

Today I complete the study with 2 more...
  • the fatherhood of God (I'll preach Jude 1)
  • the praiseworthiness of God (I'll preach Psalm 117)

May God use His Word to awaken many masses who have heard about the ONLY, TRUE GOD in St Louis -- that they would flee from their false gods and self-created gods and flee to the one true God in repentance and faith in Jesus Christ the LORD!

Please pray for fruit.

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