Monday, February 13, 2017

Over the last few months, we at Christ Fellowship Bible Church (St Louis, MO) have been working through a course called: The Foundations of the Local Church.

Here are all the topics, audios, and links put together in one place.

1. Preaching the Word of God  |  Link
2. Penal, substitutionary atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ  |  Link
3. The authority and inerrancy of the Bible  |  Link
4. Submission to government, a minister of God  |  Link
5. Worshiping the Triune God of glory  |  Link
6. Qualified, converted, male biblical leadership in the local church  |  Link
7. The purpose of the church: comprehensive discipleship  |  Link
8. The joy of evangelizing the unsaved  |  Link
9. Equipping the saints to do the work of ministry  |  Link
10. The absolute sovereignty of the one, true God  |  Link
11. The power, privilege, and duty of prayer  |  Link
12. Cessationism:  the ceasing and fulfillment of the miraculous, sign gifts  |  Link
13. The kind of church you wanna be a part of (lessons on a healthy church)  |  Link
14. Participating in corporate worship  |  Link
15. Preserving unity in the body of Christ  |  Link
16. Using your spiritual gifts  |  Link
17. What is true conversion?  |  Link
18. Christ as the gospel: the remedy for lawlessness and legalism  |  Link
19. What are the marks of true conversion?  |  Link
20. Restoring a sinning brother in the church  |  Link

Listen to any or all of these and be blessed by the truth that is preached at Christ Fellowship Bible Church.


paul the little said...

Thanks very much Pastor for giving very valuable links for the Foundation for any local church, will download and use them here in our local church. They will strengthen and equip the body of Christ. Thank you - Pastor Paul, India

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