Monday, August 29, 2016

Here are some helpful resources that we have found to encourage the flock at Christ Fellowship -- especially families with young children -- regarding the matter of intentionally training and patiently working toward having the children worship in 'big church.'

1) Should Children Sit Through Big Church -- AskPastorJohn podcast

2) 9 Practical Ways to Invite Your Children into Corporate Worship -- Radical

3)  Training Your Children in the Home to Sit Still in the Pew -- Pastor Geoff

4) What Can Children Get Out Of Church?  -- Scott Brown

May these resources be helpful as we encourage families to worship together. It's hard. It's laborious. Sometimes it feels like a trainwreck (with an explosion). But over the course of time, may the Lord in His great mercy, bring about great results from intentionally seeking to worship the Lord together -- even with our small children.


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