Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Greatest Is a Servant (Matthew 23:11)
Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Christ Fellowship Bible Church

In these words our Lord speaks concerning leadership. In this context He scathingly denounces the arrogant hypocrisy of the religious leaders of the day and He calls His own to be those who serve one another. Since, as Jesus said, the greatest is a servant, we must understand what spheres of life and ministry this can occur. In this brief essay, I want to speak of 10 spheres in which serving God can happen for the glory of God and for the joy of His people.

1. Praying.
Believers must remember that one great way that they can care for one another comes through interceding on behalf of other believers. Strength of soul comes in praying for others. God hears and answers specific prayers!

2. Studying.
One way to serve God also occurs when children of God quiet themselves with the Word with the specific intent of knowing God, loving Christ, understanding the gospel’s grandeur, and how it applies to life. Diligently study the Word!

3. Preaching.
God has ordained that men take His Word and herald it powerfully when it’s wanted and when it’s not wanted. To speak God’s truth with clarity, conviction, & power is a great privilege. Serve Christ supremely by preaching Him!

4. Counseling.
All Christians have the Spirit of God residing within them and have the Word of God and thus have God’s wisdom and truth in the Scriptures. Believers can (and must!) serve one another by shepherding and counseling one another toward Christ. Using the Word to speak into others’ lives & comforting them with God’s promises is a way to serve.

5. Discipling.
Our Lord commanded His followers to go and make disciples of all nations. This grand mission of discipleship involves evangelism and training them in all that Christ taught. Believers have the Word and must meet with other believers in studying the Apostolic doctrine as it is found in the Word of God so as to grow together in God’s grace.

6. Equipping.
Nothing is more needed in the church today than the equipping of God’s people to know the one, true God and to know Christ and His magnificent character and gospel. Serving Christ includes equipping one another for ministry.

7. Reminding.
The Apostle Peter reminded the believers of what they already knew repeatedly. Christians can greatly serve one another by reminding each other of divine promises, God’s comforts, Christ’s gospel, the Spirit’s sanctifying power.

8. Giving.
Christ served His Bride when He gave Himself up for her and died for her. To serve is to sacrificially give. Giving to others is one way of serving them. Give to them financially, or of your time, or resources, or knowledge, or wisdom.

9. Worshiping.
Worship is a way of life for a child of God. Worship prepares a reborn child for heaven. A preeminent way of serving the Lord is to respond to all that God is with a life of praise, adoration, and thanksgiving. Worship God heartfully.

10. Caring.
Bearing each others' burdens serves the people of God tremendously. Care for one another by shepherding each others' souls toward Christ. Speak truth into each others' lives and reprove, rebuke, comfort, encourage, & instruct.
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