Tuesday, March 22, 2016

From James Montgomery Boice in his commentary on Psalm 136:

"One of the saddest features of contemporary worship is that the great hymns of the church are on the way out.  They are not gone entirely, but they are going.  In their place have come trite jingles that have more in common with contemporary advertising ditties than the psalms. 

The problem here is not so much the style of the music, though trite words fit best with trite tunes and harmonies; rather it is with the content of the songs.

The old hymns expressed the theology of the Bible in profound and perceptive ways and with winsome, memorable language.  Today's songs are focused on ourselves.  They reflect our shallow or nonexistent theology and do almost nothing to elevate our thoughts about God.

Worse of all are songs that merely repeat a trite idea, word, or phrase over and over again.  Songs like this are not worship, though they may give the church-goer a religious feeling; they are mantras, which belong more in a gathering of New Agers than among the worshiping people of God!"

(Commentary on Psalms, volume 3, p.1184)

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