Wednesday, July 15, 2015

This is the next blog in the ongoing series on the New Birth.

The INDIVIDUALITY of the New Birth
Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Christ Fellowship Bible Church

No one enters heaven by the merits of another. None can walk into glory through the worthiness of a friend. Indeed, one must personally and individually come to Christ to be saved. As Jesus told Nicodemus: Truly, Truly, I say to you (σοι; ‘you’ singular), unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God (John 3:3). No one is born again because of a friend’s merits or because he is born into the right family. A person must resolutely and personally come to Christ to be saved!

You must be born again. God does not simply throw a blanket out and see if anyone might be saved. He saves particular people. He rebirths His elect. He brings to life those whom He has predestined. Individuals are born again, by God’s grace and through His power.

A few things must be mentioned regarding the individuality of the new birth.

First, Families cannot save. A person born into a very pious family where Christ’s headship reigns supreme in the home cannot save a person’s soul. A family that regularly engages in family worship, instructing the children, and seeing that the little ones are taught the Word of God -- as good as all of that is -- it cannot in and of itself produce salvation.

Second, Ancestry cannot save. Being of the right nationality or having a certain background (or, ancestry) cannot contribute to one’s salvation. Regardless of whether one is Gentile, Jewish, of a noble family, a prominent family, a wealthy family, or a powerful family, none of these features can save.

Third, Morality cannot save. As kind as people are one to another and as kind as people are to those whom they love, morality cannot save. Nice people cannot make other people righteous before God. Morality without Christ’s righteousness is nothing but shiny chains that unstoppably drag a person to hell. The righteous merits of a person cannot contribute to another’s redemption.

A few reminders are in place. You must be born again. It is a very individual, personal, name-specific regeneration that God imparts.  You yourself must personally come. Do not depend on another or on the merits of another. You must individually, resolutely and confidently come. Indeed, you must believingly come. Come knowing that Jesus will not cast you away. Believe with confidence that Jesus is a glorious Savior, a willing redeemer, a tender shepherd, and a loving friend. Do not waver or hesitate. You must unreservedly come. Don’t come with conditions. Forsake all to come to Christ! You must resolutely come. Come violently if needed. Come with resolve, with tenacity, with focus, with passion, with urgency, and with boldness. Storm the mercy seat of God in the holy of holies pleading for the blood of Christ to wash your sins away and cover you from impending wrath. And O, you must gladly come. Come with a joyful spirit because this new birth that God grants individuals is an unspeakably wonderful work. It grants comfort to the soul, hope to the wandering, heaven as the goal, and a sufficient Savior to forgive.


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