Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How To Glorify God
Learning from Psalm 66
Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Christ Fellowship Bible Church

Psalm 66:2 tells God’s people to “sing the glory of His Name” and to “make His praise glorious.” So how does one glorify God? What can this psalm teach as far as “glorifying God”? I would like to look at Psalm 66 and provide 10 ways that believers can glorify God.

1. Loud and Triumphant Jubilation in God.
The opening verses of the psalm demand loud shouts and triumphant trumpet blasts extolling God. The command extends to all the earth beckoning all to loudly worship God.

2. Singing and Rejoicing in the Great Worth of God’s Name.
All must sing the glory of God’s Name. God’s Name is manifested in His character, in His person, in His deeds, in His ways and works. The psalm pleads for perpetual praise of God’s honor!

3. Longing for the Day when Every Knee Will Bow Before Him.
The Bible prophesies that every knee will bow before God (Isa 45:23; Phil 2:10) and that every tongue will confess Jesus as Lord (Phil 2:11). This certainly will happen. All men will bow before God’s throne. Rebels will be forced to bow; God’s children will gladly bow. All will bow low.

4. Reflecting on the Past Works of God.
Remembering the past gives fuel for rejoicing in the present. God’s faithfulness to past generations gives weight to the certainty of God’s faithfulness to us now. Reflect and remember.

5. Resting and Finding Comfort in God’s Kingship.
Never has there been a moment when God has not ruled and reigned as the heavenly King. God’s glorious sovereignty and powerful kingship allows God’s people to rest and have comfort in Him and in His power.

6. Enduring Through Hardships With Hope, Perseverance, and Trust.
Even when God afflicts and brings the hammerblow into believer’s lives, God’s children rest confident in God’s Fatherly hand. God’s people endure every furnace of fire, billow of trouble and hardship with trust in the Father.

7. Fulfilling the Unconquerable Commitment to Worship and Thank God.
The Old Testament worshipers brought sacrifices so as to be forgiven. They obediently fulfilled vows to bring the animals. No sacrifice was too great. So God’s people today come to Christ, our Atonement, and worship Him only.

8. Telling What God Has Done for Your Soul.
“Let me tell of what God has done for my soul!” the psalmist heralds. God’s people must tell out, proclaim loudly, and boast in the cross of Christ and magnify God for what He has done for the magnification of His holy Name.

9. Fighting for Purity and Winning the Battle in the Heart.
The spiritual life is fought primarily in the heart. It is predominantly an inward, internal, invisible war. Every child of God hates his sin and refuses to give sin a hidden, cherished, beloved place in his heart. Fight for purity in the heart.

10. Praying with Confident Earnestness & God-centered Gladness.
Prayer fortifies the believer and prompts worship and joy. It excellerates piety.Pray with earnestness and anticipation.


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