Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Christian's Sin Transferred to Christ; His Righteousness Transferred to Us.  

Martin Luther spoke concerning this...

Luther goes to say, “Unites the soul with Christ as a spouse with her husband. Everything which Christ has becomes the property of the believing soul, everything which the soul has becomes the property of Christ. Christ possesses all blessing and eternal life. They are thenceforth the property of the soul. The soul has all its iniquities and sins, they become thereafter the property of Christ. It is then that a blessed exchange commences Christ who is both God and man, Christ who has never sinned and His holiness is perfect, Christ the almighty and eternal, taking to Himself by His nuptial ring of faith, all the sins of the believers. Those sins are lost and abolished in Him for no sins dwell before His infinite righteousness and thus by faith the believer’s soul is delivered from sins, clothed with eternal righteousness, the righteousness of her bridegroom Christ.”


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