Wednesday, May 8, 2013

From Barry Cooper:

... for our discipling to “stick”, we ourselves have to be passionate about what Christ has already done for us. And what is that, exactly?

He became your wretched sin so that you could have his perfect righteousness.

All you are was laid on him, so that all he has could become yours.

He experienced hell, so that you don’t have to.

He came as the Son of Man so you could become a Son of God.

You are Christ’s brother or sister.

You have peace with God the Father.

He knows you perfectly, and yet loves you utterly.

You have fellowship with and through his Holy Spirit.

You are adopted irrevocably into God’s family.

You have a certain inheritance in the new creation, infinitely greater than any piffling rollover
jackpot, and it is the triune God himself.

Until these truths (and others like them) make your heart sing, you cannot be a good discipler. So perhaps the first step to becoming a good discipler is not to say anything until they do.

From Barry Cooper


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