Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why is integrating Scriptural truth with discovered, scientific (psychological) truth is misleading; The Misnomer So-called "Christian Psychology"

Integration is virtually impossible. Christian psychology sets aside the historical-grammatical method of interpreting Scripture and replaces it with a hermeneutic centered on pathology.

Such a hermeneutic views man not as a sinner but rather as a victim whose victimization has left him with deeply buried feelings of anger and inferiority, which in turn cripple his life through “dysfunctional” behavior. This approach sees man’s fundamental problem as ignorance of himself and his psychic injuries, rather than deliberate disobedience to and ignorance of the living and true God. Man’s primary need becomes esteeming himself more highly, rather than dying to self and living for God through faith in Christ (Romans 6:8-14).

It is upon these two premises, adopted from humanistic psychology, that “Christian” psychology has built its counseling methodology. It emphasizes man-as-victim rather than man-as-sinner. Such a view radically challenges the biblical doctrines of man’s absolute culpability before the cross, the supremacy of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s sanctification, and most importantly the sufficiency and authority of Scripture for the believer. By advocating a pathological interpretatino of man, “Christian” psychology profoundly reinterprets the Gospel—with staggering implications for Christianity.

What is just as astounding, however, is that the evangelical church has so readily and uncritically accepted “Christian” psychology with scarcely a murmur of protest. Adding my wonder is that “Christian” psychology does not hesitate, both directly and indirectly, to charge the church with massive insensitivity and failure in truly meeting the “real needs” of its people. Nor has it been any less critical in its attacks against those who would use Scripture alone to counsel someone enslaved to sin

FROM: Jim Owen, Christian Psychology’s War on God’s Word: The Victimization of the Believer, pp.18-19.

More this Sunday at Christ Fellowship Bible Church at 5:00pm.


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