Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A few things recently going on:

1. Just got home from our family vacation to HUMELAKE. What a beautiful place! The highs were in the 70's and then we stepped out of the car at home today to 101 degrees! It was a great vacation of nothing but relaxing, wrestling with my boy, and hiking with my family. Great & restful time.

2. We rushed home to make it to the hospital for our ultrasound for Tikvah and the Drs. said that everything is going well with her. She is growing, healthy, and moving & all is well. They answered some of our questions we had regarding her heart-surgery and recovery time, etc. All is going great there!

3. I am preaching this weekend on 1 Thessalonians and my bones are aching till I can study & preach this book when I finally arrive in STL at Christ Fellowship Bible Church.

4. I listened to a portion of this video on my drive home from N. Cal today and realized that Tim Keller swung and missed 'big-time' on hell, wrath, and judgment (start at the 14 minute mark). Sad that he couldn't even articulate such fundamental biblical doctrines in a Q&A. Sad—very sad. BTW, I do believe in a literal, eternal punishment and I do preach it. I'm not afraid to shrink from proclaiming the truth cause Jesus, Jeremiah, Spurgeon, Edwards and other heroes of mine didn't.

5. I continue research & writing on my dissertation tomorrow early morning: Revelation's Use of the book of Jeremiah. So excited and pumped to be in the biblical text as I work on the NT's use of the OT.

That's enough for now...


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