Sunday, May 15, 2011

But there are some who disagree. Hear the (bold) words of Harrington:

"The futurist approach is a gross misinterpretation . . . unsavory and even dangerous. . . . The idea of an elect minority being shunted to the safe regions of the upper air while a vengeful Lamb destroys the inhabitants of the earth is scarcely Christian."

This is interesting on a number of fronts.

1. Harrington misunderstands the futurist approach — it's not a mere 'escapist' theology.

2. Harrington reveals an anthropological interpretation (man-centered) rather than a theocentric (God-centered) interpretation.

3. Harrington diminishes the utter holiness of God. It's not that God is mean to destroy the inhabitants of the earth during the Tribulation. He is just, right and fair in doing so. We all deserve to be destroyed by this Holy Lamb!

4. Harrington removes the joy, hope, and assurance of a believer in a God who promises to destroy evil not only in the spiritual realm but also on the physical earth while protecting His own people who are no longer under His judgment or wrath (Rom 5:9).


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