Monday, March 14, 2011

We do what we call family worship every night after dinner. (If we'll be unable to eat dinner together then we do it after breakfast.) This is an element of our day that is absolutely essential. Family worship for our family consists of three elements:

1) Singing
We begin our time of family worship by singing a song/hymn that we know so that we can consider the truths of the gospel in song. We also try to teach Kiah these songs as well (Amazing Grace, Trust and Obey, Go Tell It on the Mountain, etc.).

2) Reading
Then, we have a time where we read through God's Word. We're currently reading through the Book of Proverbs. This does numerous things. First, it allows us as a family to read and study God's Word together. Second, it teaches Kiah to sit in one place for a few minutes without being distracted—especially when God's Word is being read! And third, it gives us opportunity to study the Word of God together so that if there are questions we can ask and answer them together.

3) Praying
Our family worship time concludes by praying. Each person gives a prayer request (including Kiah) and then I write them all down on a piece of paper. Then we pray for these requests. Kiah always begins our time of prayer (and he really prays!). This teaches Kiah how to pray and to express thanks to God in prayer. And not only that, our family worship time in prayer models for him the importance of prayer (and corporate prayer) and the how to of prayer. Now, when we have visitors over, Kiah prays because that's just what he's been doing (he did this last night when we had a friend over for dinner).

I know of two other couples who have implemented family worship as of late and they find it extremely helpful, encouraging, and spiritually-stimulating. If you are not doing regular, daily family-worship with your family I strongly exhort you to begin this habit with your family!


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