Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DA Carson quotes J. Gresham Machen who said:
"It is a strange thing that when men talk about the love of GOd, they show by every word that they utter that they have no conception at all of the depths of God's love. If you want to find an instance of true gratitude for the infinite grace of God, do not go to those who think of God's love as something that cost nothing, but go rather to those who in agony of soul have faced the awful fact of the guilt of sin, and then have come to know with a trembling wonder that the miracle of all miracles has been accomplished, and that the eternal Son has died in their stead" (Carson, "The Wrath of God," in Engaging the Doctrine of God, ed. by Bruce L. McCormack, 62).


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, my Love. It is an encouragement to my soul!

-Your Wife

Anonymous said...

Um ... one question: how do I subscribe to your blog?

Geoffrey Kirkland said...

On the right hand column about half way down is a link where you can subscribe to the blog on Google, yahoo, etc. Choose whatever option is best for you. Over at you can also subscribe to those posts via email.

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