Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yesterday I heard a sermon from a man who was married for 51 years until his wife died a couple of years ago. He has been teaching for nearly that long in seminaries and has two earned doctorates. He spoke in chapel and gave eight lessons that he has learned—and is still learning—in life.

Let’s call this: “eight lessons from a Godly man on pursuing God.”

  1. Focus on the Joys and not on the Sorrows
  2. Learn to thank God for the sovereign ways He has to carry out His plans for us
  3. God is able to save a (seemingly far-off) sinner in a family
  4. God can bless even after we’ve made mistakes
  5. Look back over life and bless God for deliverance
  6. Other people love the Lord as well
  7. Learn to make every day count
  8. Make it all count

The thing that struck me from this message was the simplicity of these statements. There is nothing theologically “deep” in there. These lessons are simple, life-lessons from a man who has been walking with God for over 50 years and he still has lessons to learn. Good lesson for a young PhD student.


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