Monday, October 19, 2009

I made it safe to Baptist Bible Seminary last night after a long day of acquainting with the Newark airport en route to Scranton. I am here for the week for my doctoral seminars. I’m taking two courses: advanced theological method and New Testament Greek studies. Today was my first day of PhD classes. But before my classes started, I had a 3 hour orientation/colloquy with the dean of BBS and the director of the PhD program—Dr. Stallard. It was great. In fact, I’ve never had someone sit down with me and go through the seminary’s doctrinal statement point by point as he did with me today. And I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion. His heart for the local church and for scholarly men to love and shepherd people in the local church permeated the discussion and were cause for comfort. I will be transitioning back and forth between classes this week while meeting one on one (yikes!) with Dr. Stallard (my theology prof.) for interaction outside of class time. (Today we had lunch but much of our conversation centered around football and sports!) I will try to post as opportunities arise. Pray for me on Thursday, specifically, I have 2 presentations: one on Louis Berkhof in my theology class and another critical analysis of a Linguistic book for my New Testament Greek class. Pray that God endows me with divine wisdom!


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