Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let us this day consider how we can be consecrated to Christ. This Lord's day--for it is, indeed, day--remember that He saved us not because of deeds we have accomplished in the flesh, but rather because of His free salvation freely given to us through Jesus Christ. As you sing, as you pray, as you hear God's Word read and proclaimed from the pulpit, and as you apply and implement what you hear to your own life to grow in Christian virtue, may you marvel at the grace of God. May the "name" of the LORD be your strong tower today.

May you consider who God is today. May He bring Scripture after Scripture to your mind as you fellowship, sing, pray, read, and listen. May you be saturated with God's Word today. May you pray in the Spirit and pray heartfelt and sincere prayers. May your listening to the sermon not be mere rote, but may it be a worshipful and joyful experience as God speaks to you through His messenger.

Let us consider, today, how we can be consecrated to Jesus Christ--not only because it's the first Sunday of 2009 but because every single day of our lives ought to be consecrated to the One who reconciled us with the Father (2 Cor 5:20). Be consecrated to Christ today!


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