Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Currently, I'm studying Psalm 8 for our service tomorrow night and I've recognized this chiasm--that is, a literary device in Hebrew poetry where the first corresponds to the last element, the second then corresponds to the second-to-last element, and so on. Oftentimes, the middle element is the apex or the main point the author attempts to emphasize. In my study, I think I found a chiasm in Psalm 8. This would make the middle element v.6 (these are the Hebrew verse numbers by the way. For the English verses, just subtract one from the listed number) which is David's high point in the Psalm--the crowning of Glory in God's creation, namely, mankind.


2 Praising God for His Majesty

3Praising God from his creatures

4The Works of God Praising Him

5The wonder at God’s interest in man

6The crowning glory of God’s creation—Man!

7The wonder at God’s giving man dominion

8The Domestic Animals under man’s dominion

9The smaller creatures under man’s dominion

10 Praising God for His majesty


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