Tuesday, July 29, 2008

As R. Kent Hughes concludes in his great article,

Logos, Ethos, and Pathos are the key ele-
ments of exposition. What you
about the Word is everything. As a
preacher, if you believe the
Scripture is
wholly inerrant, totally sufficient, and
massively potent,
you will give yourself
to the hard work of biblical exposition.
belief and hard work are not enough,
however. You must let the Word of
course through your being, inviting the
Holy Spirit to winnow your
soul in order
to conform your life to the truth you are
preaching. God’s
Word must come out of
the inward affection of the heart without
affectation. When you stand to
preach, you must be drenched in
authentic passion that causes you to speak
with the utmost earnestness.
When you
gather the Logos, the Ethos, and the Pathos,
you are preaching
the Word, and the wind
of the Holy Spirit is in your sails. God’s
name is
lifted up, and God is glorified.

Read it all here.


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