Friday, June 20, 2008

The foundation on which the salvation of every believer rests: God's free and gracious choice of us.

Calvin writes:
God having chosen us before the world had its course, we must attribute the
cause of our salvation to His free goodness; we must confess that He did not
take us to be His children, for any deserts of our own; for we had nothing to
recommend ourselves into His favor. Therefore, we must put the cause and
fountain of our salvation in Him only, and ground ourselves upon it.

Election must also promote humility, not pride in the heart of the believer. Listen to AW Pink along these lines:
The truth of God's sovereignty ... removes every ground for human boasting and
instills the spirit of humility in its stead. It declares that salvation is of
the Lord - of the Lord in its origination, in its operation, and in its
consummation ... It tells us we are "born, not of the will of the flesh, nor of
the will of man, but of God" (Jn 1:13). And all this is most humbling to the heart
of man, who wants to contribute something to the price of his redemption and do
that which will afford ground for boasting and self-satisfaction.

Finally, our good friend, Mr. Spurgeon, will help us understand more about this glorious doctrine:
When you yourself are low, it is well to sing of the Fountainhead of mercy; of
that blessed decree that ordained you to eternal life ... I tell you, believer, if you can go back to the years of eternity; if you can in your mind run back to that period
before the everlasting hills were fashioned, or the fountains of the great deep
were scooped out; and if you can see your God inscribing your name in His
eternal book - if you can see in His loving heart eternal thoughts of love to
you, you will find this a charming means of giving you songs in the night. No
songs [compare with] those which come from electing love ... In our darker hours
it is our joy to sing: "Sons we are through God's election, who in Jesus Christ
believe; By eternal destination, sovereign grace we now receive."

And one concluding quote:
"God has so arranged salvation as to bring us the
highest possible blessing and Himself the highest
possible praise, both of which result only through the glory of His

Bibliography: Phillips, Richard D. Chosen in Christ: The Glory of Grace in Ephesians 1. Phillipsburg, NJ: P& R, 2004.
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