Friday, May 23, 2008

Here are a few ways in which a husband can (and should!) treat his wife as his companion:

1. By being with her and involving her.

The husband must plan time to spend with her alone. He must also develop common interests with her. He must also let her know how she can help him and work alongside of him. He must call her from work. he must tell her about what he does (regularly/on a daily basis).

2. By seeking to understand her and help her.

The husband must ask what she did today and then listen to her. He must inquire as to her well-being and then pay attention. He must plan a regular time to talk about her concerns and then pray/study/and help her find solutions. He must ask her how he can pray for her. He must pray with her. he must assist her when she needs it.

3. By appreciating her.

He must thank God for her. He must think and verbalize specific qualities or deeds that he is thankful for. he must speak well of her to others. He must leave her a note of appreciation to encourage her and affirm his love and affection for her.

4. By treating her special compared to others.

He can open doors for her. He can plan dates with her. The husband must put her "needs" and desires above others' needs and desires. He must show her non-sexual (and sexual) affection. Be sexually intimate with her, focusing most on her enjoyment.

5. By revealing himself to her.

The husband must communicate his thoughts, perspectives, and goals to her. He must also let her know how she can pray for him.

Adapted from Stuart Scott, The Exemplary Husband, 63.
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