Tuesday, August 7, 2007

This essay is by a guy named Jim Elliff and it's entitled, Pastors Moving To Other Churches: Why? It is excellent. Quite lengthy, but excellent. It is an excellent argument (and a right one) as to why a man should pastor a flock and live life with the sheep. He must become part of them and let them become part of him. It is about living life together and this, Elliff, argues, is one of the greatest ways in which a pastor can make a huge difference in the lives of his people. Read it HERE.


Anonymous said...

Considering your sermon on Sunday, I can see where you were led to this excellent article. As our family was involved for many years with a small church and as I was involved personally with two pastoral search committees, I agree with Elliff's comments. Both churches and pastors should work within the system to a much greater degree than is evident today, allowing themselves to be used and changed by God rather than falling prey to the world's mentality of "it's not working - get rid of it."
-Jill the MIL

Geoffrey Kirkland said...

Amen! Preach it Jill the MIL! :=)

Much love

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