Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Blessed Gift & Duty of Godly Fathers
Geoffrey R. Kirkland

Godly fathers are gifts from the Lord. I thank the Lord for my father, a man of God, who early on for me modeled holiness, church involvement, integrity of character both inside and outside the home, and hard work. My father has taught me -- and still is teaching me -- much about faithfulness, endurance, perseverance, sobermindedness, and trust in the Lord. Godly fathers are blessed gifts to families and these fathers also have an unspeakably important duty from the Lord. I’ll just list four duties of godly fathers.

Fathers must lead. They must lead in the home. They must lead as men who do not forcefully or authoritatively demand submission or things to be done their way. Rather, they lead as stewards; that is, as men who have been given a grace-gift and a divine-calling from God to lead by serving the people in their home (and, in every sphere of life they’re in). In fact, the best way to lead is by following. That is, lead others by following Christ. The fervency with which a man of God follows His Savior sets a worthy example for others to emulate. Godly men must lead. He follows the example of other men of God in Scripture, in his church and strives to practically serve, tangibly provide, spiritually shepherd, and consistently love his family.

It’s humbling to repent. And yet when the Spirit of God reveals our sin and we understand where we’ve sinned, where we’ve failed, where we’ve been selfish, and where we’ve spoken rashly or impulsively, it’s crucial for men of God to repent in the home. In fact, a great way to lead in the home is by repenting in the home. Even if another person is also at fault, godly men can take the initiative in repenting first. Perhaps there’s conflict or a great disagreement in the home, the penitent man will come humbly and repent where needed by specifically asking for forgiveness and seeking to reconcile. When he sins, however public or private, he seeks to keep short accounts with the Lord and with those in his life.

In a society with so many options for distractions, entertainments, and time-wasters, the mature Christian man will prioritize those things that God calls him to invest in. For instance, he will keep watch over and diligently guard his soul. This will manifest itself in frequent bible reading and prayer times. He will also faithfully love and shepherd his wife as his foremost priority in this life as he knows they have a permanent union that is to emulate the relationship of Christ and actively involvement in his local church. He will care for, instruct, and spend time with the children that God has entrusted to him. The focused man on biblical priorities will not neglect his family at home for work, or friends, or sports, or entertainments. None of these are bad, but this mature man keeps these activities in their rightful place. He prioritizes family worship, his local church, intercessory prayer, and caring for his wife’s needs and his children’s souls.

Godly men prioritize prayer and commit themselves to prayer. This godly father will pray fervently, privately, publicly, daily, and expectantly. He knows the Lord will hear the prayers of the godly man and so this drives him to great prayers. Indeed, the godly father knows God is omnipotent and that his prayers reach the ear of the enthroned almighty King. He prays for his own heart and purity. He prays for his wife and for his children (and, grandchildren). He prays for those he interacts with (at his employment, sports, hobbies). He longs for his neighbors to come to Christ. When a great day is closing, he leads his family in prayers of thanksgiving and worship. When trials strike and pains penetrate, he gathers with the family to trust in the Lord by calling upon His name for strength, endurance, and joy in the midst of the trial. Joy floods his heart at the mercy seat where he communes with God for his family.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A recent wave of writings and audios has come with a force from folks who claim to be both at the same time homosexuals and Christians. Or, to use their vernacular, "Gay-Christians." They claim to be celibate gay-Christians, in that they don't act out on their sinful desires. Writings also come from those who may be tolerant of such perspectives.

Can this really be the case? Can one really be a 'Gay-Christian'?  We have worked hard to compile a series of podcasts on this topic to equip believers with the Truth of God's authoritative Word.

[We quickly realize that homosexuality, SSA, and the like is not the only or the ultimate or the unforgivable sin. The Word of God places the sin of homosexuality alongside of many other sins that condemn sinners. We are all guilty. This isn't a matter of pointing fingers at *those* people caught up in this. Rather, the point is to speak Truth to believers and to equip them with God's Word so that they can respond biblically, accurately, and compellingly to those who make such professions regarding this particular issue.]


1. The utter impossibility of being a 'gay-Christian'  |  PODCAST
In this, Pastor Geoff provides 7 reasons why this is utterly impossible. Again, it's absolutely impossible to be a 'Gay-Christian'.  Here's why...

It Blasphemes the Character of God.
It Contradicts the Clarity of Scripture.
It Ignores the Severity of Hell.
It Disregards the Glory of Regeneration
It Belittles the Power of Grace
It Shames the Name of Christ
It Destroys the Witness to the Lost

2. Why homosexuals and 'gay-Christians' are deceived and need a Savior  |  PODCAST

From 1 Timothy 1, Pastor Geoff shows why such people who engage in sin (including these or any other ongoing pattern of sinful behavior) need a Savior:

B/c of Their Depravity
B/c of Their Sin
B/c of Their Rebellion
B/c of Their Patterns (of sin)
B/c of Their Unholiness
B/c of Their Choice
B/c of Their Impenitence

3. Pastors and professors who condone [legitimize] LGBT+ are deceived  PODCAST
In this podcast, Pastor Geoff  shows that pastors and academic professors who condone the LGBT+ movement are deceived.

We must stand courageously and speak biblically as we stand upon the sufficient, clear, and authoritative Word of God (=the Bible):

Men in the pulpits must teach TRUTH to God’s people.
Professors in the instructions must teach SCRIPTURE to Believers.
Christians in the pews must understand the NATURE of sin.
Christians in the pews must believe the POWER of regeneration.
Christians in the pews must warn with urgency of homosexuality (SSA)
Christians in the pews must speak with courage in these times.
Christians in the pews must expect the hatred of the world.

4. Why we must preach the truth regarding the eternal danger of homosexuality and those who profess to be 'gay-Christians'  |  PODCAST
Here is why we must preach what God says regarding those who engage in ongoing sin. We must preach the eternal danger of the sins that men refuse to repent of -- including the sins of homosexuality, same-sex attraction, and those who profess to be 'gay-Christians':

We must preach the truth for the following reasons...


5.  Elders and pastors are disqualified from pastoral ministry if they affirm homosexuality and being a so-called 'Gay-Christian'  |  PODCAST
This podcast looks at Titus 1.8 — elders are qualified if they are “loving what is good”

What is good?  GOD is the highest good
What is good? TRUTH is the revelation of good
What is good? CHRIST is the quintessential good
What is good? the LOVE OF CHRIST and the GOSPEL OF CHRIST is good

6. What would God say to a 'gay-Christian'?  PODCAST

What Would God Say to a Person Who Thinks He’s a “Gay-Christian” — One Who Can Profess the Name of Christ and Continue Living as a Celibate Homosexual?  From God's Word, we can find at least 5 exhortations God would give to one who professes to be a Gay-Christian (that we can glean from God's Word):

STOP DECEIVING (yourself & the world w/ your double life)

7.  Biblical clarity on the 'Gay-Christian' profession from 1 Corinthians 6  |  PODCAST
Pastor Geoff works through 1 Corinthians 6 and provides a 3-point outline to this very important text that clearly and specifically addresses the topic of homosexuality and, so called, gay-Christians.

The Sobering Plea to Not Be Deceived By Charlatans  (9a)
The Sinful Patterns That Keep You Out Of Heaven  (9-10)
The Sure Promises of Christ’s Blood & the Power of the Spirit’s Regeneration  (11)

Many more articles and podcasts can be found at Pastor Geoff's page.
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