Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Some excellent & thought-provoking questions that Charles Spurgeon presents in his sermon dealing with the seed that is sown among thorns.

I think the application is certainly pertinent to young people who have grown up in churches, have heard the Word, have heard Christ presented at home in family worship, and have heard countless sermons on Christ and His redemptive work. They have heard innumerable calls to repent and have been urged weekly to embrace Christ and flee to Him for refuge from the coming wrath.

Young people -- all the sermons you've heard -- how have they impacted your soul and your life?

Consider Spurgeon's words:

    What fruit have you born hitherto from all your hearing? May I venture to put the question to each one of you very pointedly'? Some of you have been hearers from your childhood—are you any the better? What long lists of sermons you must have heard by now! Count over your Sundays; how many they have been! Think of the good men now in heaven to whom you once listened! Remember the tears that were drawn from you by their discourses! If you are not saved yet, will you ever be saved? If you are not holy yet, will you ever be holy? Why has the Lord spent so much on one who makes no return? To what purpose is this waste? Surely you will have much to answer for in that great day when the servants of God shall give in their accounts, and shall have no joy when they come to mention you. How will you excuse yourselves before God for having occasioned them so much disappointment?


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