Tuesday, September 27, 2011

According to Isaiah 11, the One who comes from the "stem of Jesse" (v.1), who has the "Spirit of the Lord resting on Him" (v.2), and who "delights in the fear of the Lord" (v.3) will do the following in the future, literal, earthly messianic kingdom:

1. He will judge the poor with righteousness (v.4)

2. He will slay the wicked with the breath of His mouth (v.4b)

3. He will be righteous and faithful in all He does (v.5)

4. He will ensure that peace rules the earth—even amongst the animal kingdom (vv.6-8)

5. He will dwell on the Holy Mountain (=Jerusalem) and all people will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord (v.9)

6. He will be the One nations flock to in submission & worship (v.10)

Not sure about you, but I believe it is impossible to read these verses in a plain and normal fashion and come up with any other kind of interpretation. These events have not happened yet (literally) and the fact that God is faithful (cp. v.5b — Christ is clothed with "faithfulness as the belt around his waist") totally confirms that these characteristics will in fact happen just as the Scriptures say.

Christian—long for the future Kingdom when Christ will reign literally, physically, bodily, and sovereignly. O for that day!


Paul S. said...

Wonderful thoughts. Guys like us will be out of a job when the chief shepherd arrives. Is there going to be full audio available from this sermon?

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