Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When man holds opinions, it is a belief. But when the beliefs hold a man, it is a conviction. How many of us really have convictions. I mean, full fledged, biblical convictions? We all hold convictions about certain things—family issues, political viewpoints, religious ideologies, relational issues. The man of God, however, must hold firm convictions that nothing, no one, ever can destroy. The believer in Jesus Christ believes the Word of God to be wholly true, perfectly inspired and eminently relevant. It is when this believer, who believes in God's Word is thus held and seized by the objective truth God's Word that he now has a conviction about God's Word.

Convictions just don't change overnight. When a conviction grabs a hold of a man and won't let him go then nothing can sway this person from the truth. All believers are to have convictions. All regenerate persons are to not only hold the truth of God's Word as reliable and trustworthy but be willing to be held by the truth of God's Word as absolutely authoritative and worthy of life-submission.

Beliefs. We all have them. But what is it that holds you?


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