Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am utterly convinced that the responsibility to preach and teach God’s Word is the highest calling God could have placed upon feeble man. Last night I had the privilege of preaching at church and I delivered a sermon on why you should believe in the gospel. It was a gospel message. I had seven reasons:

It reconciles you with a holy God
It transforms you from the inside out
It rescues you from eternal torment
It promises you eternal life at the moment of death
It gives you perspective in this world
It compels you to evangelize the unsaved
It instills in you a God-glorifying desire

These truths are just a few of the myriad of reasons Scripture gives for us to believe the gospel of Jesus Christ! It is only in the gospel of Christ where sins may be forgiven, we may be washed and cleansed, and made right with Almighty God.

Listen here.


Kurt Michaelson said...

Reading these 7 points helped me to see & express this even more, rather than just expressing the forgiveness of sin and going to heaven. Thanks!

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